Blossom – Richard Clarkson

Blossom is described as an inflatable 3D print, the first of its kind.

As it makes use of both rigid and flexible material, air can be pumped into the piece allowing it to inflate, therefore giving the impression the flower is blooming.

Blossom - inflatable 3D print by Richard Clarkson

Blossom – inflatable 3D print by Richard Clarkson

The piece has been displayed as a flower box with multiple 3D printed inflatable flowers within. There are air pumps along the front allowing the user to manipulate the blooming of specific flowers thereby making the piece an interactive installation.

Here is a video of Blossom in action:

Blossom from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

And here is a link to Clarkson’s web site for further information:

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