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Tiles – project on digitising Islamic art tiles at the Met Museum

Here’s an amazing project by two interns working with Islamic art tiles in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection. They used a combination of Processing and OpenFrameworks to make this interactive iPad app:

Read more about the project here: Exploring Algorithms in Islamic Art through Augmented Reality

Curating Islamic Art

I came across some podcasts on the arts council’s web site recently. They are audio recordings from a meeting where curators and members of staff at some of the UK’s leading museums were invited to discuss how British museums could improve their curation of Islamic Art.

This is hugely intriguing for me personally as I have been quite curious to better understand the decisions made by curators in selecting and displaying Islamic art in London and how this in turn would affect the artists in the local Islamic art scene. One can imagine how this might have a knock-on effect on the developments of the artworks that are then produced. But that is another topic for another day.

I was glad to hear contemporary Islamic art being discussed as a form of important acquisition and that the need to facilitate engagement with thriving Muslim communities across Britain through the artwork was also identified by those in key curatorial positions.

The podcasts are accessible through the Arts Council’s website here: